Monday, December 10, 2007

Team Contains Effluent From Sunken Tugboat

A tugboat that was almost 100 years old sank in Saltery Bay. The Winamac, which was built in 1909 and measured 54 feet, was anchored in the harbour along with some other vessels. It's in approximately 40 feet of water. Canadian Coast Guard environmental response received a report that the vessel had sunk and was releasing a small amount of undetermined hydrocarbon product that was causing a slight sheen, said Daniel Reid, pollution response officer. "The lifeboat in Powell River was tasked 30 minutes later to deploy a containment boom and absorbent material to protect the marine environment," he said.Reid and another officer from the environmental response base monitored the situation for four days. The coast guard maintained control of the response, Reid said. "All the product that was released was contained and recovered with absorbent materials," he said. "The small amount that we did see and that was recovered was just residual fuel from the tanks." The reason for the sinking is under investigation.

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